Jeep Grand Cherokee WH/WK 2006-2010 (excl adjustable rear suspension) Climax Suspension Kit, 40mm raised

Jeep Grand Cherokee WH/WK 2005-2010 (excl adjustable rear suspension) Climax Big Bore Foam Cell Suspension Kit, 40mm raised

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Kit includes all replacement parts to upgrade and lift your suspension by 50mm. Choose from a wide range of options to suit your carrying capacity or comfort requirements

Included are: 

New coil springs new Climax Foam Cell shock absorbers.

Climax Foam Cell shock absorbers, provide all round performance, ride quality and handling in all applications

Any of our Climax Foam Cell kits offer excellent solutions to greatly improve the ride quality, handling, load carrying and control of your Jeep. Whether Towing, Touring or Working, stand out from the crowd with a quality Climax suspension solution.